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Tradeplace launches ground-breaking Product Data Management service

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Tradeplace is proud to announce the launch of its innovative Product Data Management (PDM) service. Designed to streamline and optimize marketing, sales, logistics and technical product information, PDM revolutionizes data management for companies of all sizes, with a particular focus on the Manufacturer & Supplier to Retail markets.



Centralised Excellence: TradePI Standard Integration

At the heart of Tradeplace's PDM is the robust TradePI standard integration. Managing text, media, attributes and relationships is just the beginning. PDM's unique ability to classify and structure product data based on specific properties sets it apart and delivers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

Elevate Digital Asset Management with Dam

Tradeplace's PDM isn't limited to data alone; it includes Digital Asset Management (DAM) for a comprehensive digital experience. The DAM service consolidates media assets, including images, documents, video and graphics, revolutionizing content management. This transformational DAM software enables organizations to optimize content distribution, search processes and multi-channel marketing strategies.

Content Object management: Flexibility Redefined

Introducing Content Object Management, seamlessly integrated with Tradeplace PDM. This innovative feature allows companies to easily manage, maintain and assign content objects. Content objects, including text, images and graphics, can be effortlessly created and updated across multiple products, fostering efficiency and consistency.


Effortless enrichment: Excel and TradePI XML Import

Tradeplace PDM makes data enrichment even easier. With Excel Import, product information can be quickly defined and imported, with automatic validation to ensure accuracy. For advanced users, TradePI XML import streamlines the enrichment process and integrates seamlessly with existing data structures.

Developed with LG as pilot

PDM was developed and optimized with LG Electronics Germany as first pilot user.

LG Electronics

Due to this close co-operation, Tradeplace's Product Data Management (PDM) is not only a ground-breaking solution, but also tailored to meet the specific needs of manufacturers and suppliers to the retail market. As Tradeplace continues to "connect commerce", PDM is a testament to our commitment to innovation and operational excellence.

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We have developed a standardized on-boarding process that guarantees a fast go live. Contact the Tradeplace team for more information.