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Tradeplace launches Amazon Listings API

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Tradeplace has launched its interface with the Amazon Listings API. The Amazon Listings API enables suppliers to automatically publish product information directly from the Tradeplace Product Information Management Service (PIMS) into the Amazon Vendor Central database. The new API connection supports real-time content publishing, Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) creation, taxonomy optimization, and validation.


Suppliers using the Tradeplace PIMS and an Amazon Vendor Central account can now list high volumes of products faster and with better quality!

Tradeplace’s Amazon Listings API features

The new interface enables suppliers to:

  • publish product information near real-time on all European Amazon sites;
  • create, update, and delete product listings;
  • validate the product information.

The Tradeplace Mapping Team ensures that the Amazon Taxonomies for the product categories and schemas are kept up to date, keeping the suppliers’ data feeds accurate and of a high quality.


Who can use the Tradeplace Amazon Listings API?

All suppliers using Tradeplace PIMS and with an Amazon Vendor Central account can utilize Tradeplace’s Amazon Listings API. For the interface to work, the minimum Amazon data completeness requirements need to be met. The Tradeplace PIMS ValiDATAr module will provide feedback on the completeness of your data. Missing or incomplete data can be provided through the Tradeplace PIMS platform. 

Tradeplace_Amazon_Listings_API_editorial_teamOptionally, the Tradeplace Editorial Team can enrich your product data to meet the Amazon data completeness requirements and optimize it for the Amazon website.

Flexible approach

With setting up the first suppliers on the Amazon Listings API we have noticed that not all suppliers can have the Amazon optimized content in their data feed. Therefore, we configured Tradeplace’s Amazon Listings API in such a way that a hybrid approach with both the Listings API and the Amazon Vendor Central portal in parallel usage gives suppliers the freedom to create products via the API for instance, then enrich the data via the Amazon Vendor Central portal.


The first suppliers are live !

As the Amazon Listings API was highly anticipated by the Tradeplace PIMS suppliers, we managed to kick-start this new service and bring BSH (Bosch, Siemens), Electrolux (AEG) and Philips live already. Further suppliers will be set up in the coming months.


What are the costs ?

Due to the shared service centre set up of Tradeplace, we managed to keep the costs for the Amazon Listings API low. As the main running costs for the API go into keeping the Taxonomy Mappings up to date, the pricing is set up on a per product category/schema bundle per year per country basis. There is also a one-time set-up fee per product category/schema bundle for all countries defined. 


Per year per country

One-time set-up fee

Product category/schema bundle

EUR 420

EUR 960


The Tradeplace Amazon Listings API is currently supporting nearly 100 Amazon Schemas grouped into 20 product category/schema bundles.

Get started!

Using the experience with the first suppliers set up, we have developed a standardized on-boarding process that will enable a swift go-live for all suppliers that are using Tradeplace PIMS.

Contact the Tradeplace PIMS team for more information and plan your go-live!