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Vestel UK selects Tradeplace’s advanced e-ordering solution

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Vestel UK is the latest major manufacturer on Tradeplace

Vestel UK (a subsidiary of the Turkish based Vestel Group) is the latest major manufacturer that has joined Tradeplace. The appliance producer joins other major manufacturers and retailers that already work with the pan-European order management platform. By joining Tradeplace, Vestel now has access to all retailers in Europe that are already active on the Tradeplace platform.

Choosing Direct Connection was inevitable

The advantages of working with Tradeplace’s Direct Connection were crucial in Vestel UK’s decision-making for the platform. Tradeplace’s Direct Connection is an innovative service that directly connects suppliers and retailers. By just connecting to a single trade partner via Tradeplace, a connection hub is created for affiliated companies to the manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler or retailer. The connection is used to manage orders, and check prices and availability with all essential trade partners that are on the e-commerce platform. Tradeplace was an inevitable choice from a greater commercial perspective.

Real-time order information always at your fingertips

Direct Connection works according to a one-to-many principle: once you are connected to the hub, you can connect to all other affiliated trade partners at no extra charge. All information is exchanged in real-time. Insight and flexibility are always important factors in the logistical information chain from manufacturers. And what is especially important for retailers is that you can continue to work in your own systems.

Data security is at its highest standard

All these communication advantages require that Tradeplace provide the highest level of data security to all these major players. Tradeplace’s strict security standards ensure that the messages and communication between you and your trade partners are fully encrypted and not visible to your competitors.

Optimized inventory in complex order processing

The option to support complex order processing through Tradeplace was an important factor in Vestel UK’s selection of Tradeplace. Since Tradeplace can process large volumes of orders in real-time, Tradeplace partners have the option of building their order processes in such a way that they can maintain optimal inventories simply. This feature accelerates order processing which in turn will grow Vestel’s total sales because purchases will be completed at a faster rate. All these advantages made together made that Vestel UK’s choice fell on Tradeplace.