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Tradeplace as Peppol Access Point

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Suppliers are now able to use Tradeplce as a Peppol Access Point

With BSH The Netherlands in the role of launching customer, Tradeplace went live with Peppol. It was Tradeplace’s Direct Connection that had the scoop at the beginning of this month. This integration allows all BSH customers that have a Peppol ID to automate their accounts payable processes even further then only paperless. Also invoices from the Direct Connection platform can now be electronically entered in the accounting package as a detailed booking proposal.

How does Peppol work?

Businesses join the Peppol network and use its access points. Once you join Peppol, you activate your company’s chamber of commerce number and your VAT number. From that moment on, your company is validated for the network and you can send and receive invoices. The invoices are in a data format and the sender only needs to input your VAT number which subsequently enters the invoice into Peppol via an access point. Everyone is able to set up a Peppol ID and receive invoices in the Peppol format.

Don’t both parties need to have the same data format?

When there is a connection to a Peppol access point, it is linked onto a data format. From there the data will be converted into the format the recipient has requested to use. A technical story simply explained: the access point partner has developed the XML file in which Tradeplace was connected as sender to the Storecove Access Point. The retailer can receive it in the format with which they are linked to Peppol. Nothing needs to be ‘retyped’ anymore; the process of which item should be credited to which ledger account is fully automated.

All other suppliers and manufacturers on Tradeplace can now follow

The Peppol idea was to facilitate business communication between governmental agencies and businesses. As it stands now, the functionality available for e-invoicing on Tradeplace’s Direct Connection platform can be used by all manufacturers and other suppliers. This functionality for e-invoicing is now available via Tradeplace’s Direct Connection service and can be used by all suppliers and manufacturers connected to the platform.