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Tradeplace and Cyncly revolutionise the ordering process for kitchen retailers at City Küchen Zöllner and AEG

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Tradeplace BV is pleased to announce the successful pilot launch of the Tradeplace Direct Connection integration with Cyncly/Compusoft Winner at City Küchen Zöllner, a reputable kitchen retailer. This collaboration represents a major step forward in optimising the ordering process for kitchen retailers across Europe. City Küchen Zöllner, known for its commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative kitchen solutions, has been selected as a pilot company for the German market to test the efficiency of the integration of Cyncly/Compusoft Winner and Tradeplace Direct Connection. This initiative is part of a Europe-wide pilot programme aimed at improving the operational efficiency of kitchen retailers.


The introduction of the Tradeplace module in the Cyncly/Compusoft Winner software has enabled City Küchen Zöllner to place orders directly with AEG/Electrolux, a leading manufacturer of domestic appliances. The integration enables real-time order processing and confirmation.

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Mr Zöllner, owner of City Küchen Zöllner, reported personally on the integration. He expressed his overall satisfaction with the process and emphasised the fast and smooth ordering and activation of the Tradeplace module. At the same time, he pointed out areas for improvement. He suggested that the system should use the order reference instead of the system-generated order number, which was changed in real time during the review session. He also recommended integrating product availability directly into the Cyncly/Compusoft Winner platform.
Mr Zöllner also mentioned some functional and translation improvements in Compusoft Winner that will be implemented in the short term. In order to optimally support the normal kitchen planning process, Mr Zöllner also recommended implementing an order change process.


Despite these comments, Mr Zöllner confirmed that the actual order was processed in seconds and the challenge during the activation process was mainly the size of the download. The collaboration with AEG/Electrolux as the leading manufacturer in the pilot project has delivered promising results and provides a solid foundation for a wider roll-out in Germany and Europe.

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Tradeplace and Cyncly/Compusoft are working closely with participating manufacturers to refine the integration based on feedback from City Küchen Zöllner and other pilot participants. Our goal is to ensure that the Tradeplace module fulfils the highest standards in terms of efficiency and user-friendliness.

Looking ahead, Tradeplace and Cyncly/Compusoft, in collaboration with the manufacturers using the Tradeplace platform, are aiming for a Europe-wide rollout of the Tradeplace module from the first quarter of 2024. This rollout will provide kitchen retailers across the continent with a seamless, integrated ordering system that will revolutionise the way they do business.

At Tradeplace, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that improve the connectivity and efficiency of the home appliance industry. Stay tuned for more updates on the expansion of this groundbreaking integration and other initiatives aimed at optimising the supply chain and customer experience.

For more information about the Tradeplace Direct Connection and our pilot programme with Cyncly/Compusoft Winner, please visit our website or contact our support team.