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Simar and Tradeplace reshape the digital integration of manufacturers and retailers

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Tradeplace B.V. and Simar Automatisering B.V. introduce the "PPC:Simar" to reshape the digital integration of manufacturers and retailers.

Tradeplace BV, in cooperation with Simar Automatisering B.V., is pleased to announce the launch of the Premium Partner Connection (PPC): Simar. This service is a groundbreaking initiative designed to improve the way manufacturers and suppliers connect and manage their relationships with trading partners, especially those using Simar's software solutions. The PPC: Simar, including the Digital Personalized Catalogue (DPC), will deliver significant improvements in transaction automation, process integration and product information exchange.

Increased connectivity and efficiency

By integrating PPC:Simar directly into Simar Automatisering B.V.'s software, manufacturers and suppliers gain the ability to connect with a multitude of trading partners through one streamlined connection. This integration is more than just a technical improvement; it is a strategic advantage for companies looking to optimize their operations and expand their market presence.


Benefits for manufacturers and suppliers

PPC: Simar offers a number of significant benefits, including:

  • Simplified trade with retail partners: The direct connection facilitated by PPC: Simar makes it much easier for manufacturers to trade with both small and large retail partners. Already over 150 retail partners are connected through PPC: Simar
  • Greater retailer reach: The service expands access to a wider network of retail partners, providing increased visibility and sales opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers.
  • More integrated retailers: PPC: Simar encourages growth in the number of integrated retailers, fostering a more connected and robust business environment.
  • Streamlined Value Chain: The service introduces efficiencies into the value chain, reducing complexity and improving overall operational performance.

Alleviating industry challenges

In addition to these benefits, PPC: Simar addresses several common challenges:

  • Reduced third-party costs: By offering a single, integrated solution with Simar, the service helps reduce the costs associated with third-party platforms.
  • Easier onboarding of retail partners: Integration with Simar software simplifies the onboarding process, enabling new retail partnerships to be established quickly and efficiently.
  • Improved product understanding: The Digital Personalized Catalogue (DPC) ensures that detailed and complex product features are clearly communicated to consumers, increasing product awareness.
  • Improved product information quality: Manufacturers can now use the DPC to provide high quality product information, which is essential for consumer confidence and decision-making.


A pivotal feature of the PPC:Simar service is its capacity for automatic Product Information exchange, which is particularly beneficial for retailers utilizing the Simar software alongside the Tradeplace PIMS starter or professional service. This seamless integration ensures that product data is synchronized between manufacturers and retailers, thereby eliminating manual entry and potential errors. Retailers using Simar can effortlessly access the most current and comprehensive product information through their systems. This automatic exchange not only saves significant time but also enhances the accuracy and consistency of product details across the retail spectrum. 


The collaboration between Tradeplace BV and Simar Automatisering B.V. is a significant step forward for manufacturers and suppliers who want to streamline their trading partnerships. The PPC: Simar service is a showcase of both companies' commitment to driving innovation and efficiency within the white goods industry.

For those interested in exploring the benefits of PPC: Simar for their business, detailed information is available through Tradeplace BV's support channels and official website. This partnership is set to change the landscape of manufacturer-retailer interactions and provide a competitive edge in today's fast paced marketplace.