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ATAG Belux launches its B2B portal on Tradeplace Belgium & Luxembourg

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We are thrilled to announce the expansion of the ATAG Belux B2B portal, which is now also featured on the Belgium and Luxembourg Tradeplace Portal Hubs (Single-Sign-On Portals). This strategic move is part of our ongoing effort to enhance the retailer experience across the Belux region.

ATAG Belux's Commitment to Retailer Convenience

ATAG Belux understands the value of time and information for our retailers. With the integration of the B2B portal into the Belgium and Luxembourg Tradeplace Portal Hubs, we are bringing the same level of efficiency and accessibility that our German counterparts have been experiencing with the Hisense Gorenje portal.

Ease of Access with Single Sign-On

Retailers in Belgium and Luxembourg can now benefit from the seamless single sign-on service provided by Tradeplace. Filip Van Dyck, Managing Director ATAG Belux, emphasized the importance of this development: "By extending the reach of our B2B portal, we are ensuring that our retailers have immediate and easy access to all the necessary information to serve their customers better. This integration is a testament to ATAG's commitment to providing modern IT solutions that streamline the cooperation with our clients."

The Portal: A Hub of Information

The ATAG Belux B2B portal serves as a comprehensive hub where retailers can autonomously access a wealth of product information. This includes images, data sheets, labels, and real-time updates on orders and their statuses. The portal's design focuses on convenience and intuitiveness, allowing access at any time, facilitating better planning and decision-making for our retailers.

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A Step Forward in Retailer Cooperation

This centralized portal is more than a tool; it's a platform for enhanced cooperation with our retailers. It simplifies the ordering process, provides access to product pricing, and allows retailers to check the availability of a wide range of products from ATAG Belux.

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Strategic Partnership with Tradeplace

The successful collaboration between ATAG Belux and Tradeplace is part of a larger strategy that has seen the implementation of various Tradeplace solutions across Europe, with plans to expand further in 2024. This partnership underscores our commitment to providing smart and innovative solutions that improve the quality of life for our consumers.

About ATAG Benelux

ATAG Benelux is dedicated to delivering high-quality appliances and consumer electronics that blend seamlessly into the design of modern homes while offering the functionality and reliability our customers expect. Our vision is to be a century-old, reliable company focused on smart solutions that enhance the well-being of our consumers.

We invite all our retailers in Belgium and Luxembourg to explore the new features of the ATAG Belux B2B portal and experience the enhanced support and efficiency it brings to your business.

For further information and to access the portal, please visit the Tradeplace Portals Hubs for Belgium and Luxembourg.

Tradeplace is committed to facilitating a better, faster, and more intuitive B2B experience for all our partners. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance our services across Europe.