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Congratulations to team Pruikie at Alpe d´HuZes

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Tradeplace BV is proud to have been the shirt sponsor for "Team Pruikie" in their impressive effort 💪 🏃‍♀️ 🚴‍♀️ at Alpe d'HuZes.


Congratulations to Floor van Wingerden and the entire team for their commitment and hard work in tackling the climb yesterday.


Team Pruikie
Team Pruikie with Floor van Wingerden
Team Pruikie Shirt Tradeplace 16-9
Tradeplace proud shirt sponsor of Team Pruikie

Greater Cause

This event isn't just about the physical challenge; it's a commitment to raising funds and awareness for cancer research. "Team Pruikie" has shown us what can be achieved when we come together for a greater cause.

We applaud "Team Pruikie" for their accomplishment and encourage continued support for this vital cause. Although the event has passed, the opportunity to contribute remains open. To make a donation, please click the button below:


Thank you

Your support can make a real difference in the ongoing fight against cancer. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far..

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