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Jean-Noel Thibault appointed Technology Manager

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Tradeplace B.V., the leading B2B e-commerce solutions provider, is pleased to announce the employment of Jean-Noel Thibault as Technology Manager. With a strong history of technical leadership and a proven track record, Jean-Noel brings a wealth of expertise to Tradeplace, heralding a promising period of innovation and progress.

An accomplished technology leader

Jean-Noel Thibault's career demonstrates a commitment to technological advancement. As Director of Digital Transformation Europe Electrolux A.B., Jean-Noel demonstrated his skills as a technology advisor, leading initiatives such as AI-powered sales forecasting, conversational agents with sentiment analysis, and streamlined processes through automated content analysis and augmented reality support.

Jean-Noel also played a key role in co-managing Tradeplace B.V. from 2001 until 2022, demonstrating his ability to balance technological leadership with strategic management.

Leading Tradeplace's technology frontier

In his new role as Technology Manager, Jean-Noel Thibault will oversee the architectural aspects of our solutions and IT landscape. His responsibilities will include the development of tools, methodologies and support systems that are critical to our growth. Working with Solution Owners and the General Manager, Jean-Noel will define the roadmap for Tradeplace solutions and guide our innovation journey.

Tradeplace Organisational Set-up

Karel van der Horst, General Manager of Tradeplace B.V., said: "We are delighted to welcome Jean-Noel Thibault to Tradeplace B.V. His extensive experience and visionary approach are a perfect fit with our commitment to technological innovation and customer-centric solutions. We believe his leadership will be instrumental in shaping our future endeavors.