Privacy policy

Tradeplace B.V. Privacy Policy & Competition Policy

Version 11-2014
Tradeplace B.V. (“Tradeplace”) respects and is dedicated to honouring the preferences of Users concerning the collection, storage, access, and use of their personally identifiable data collected online. Tradeplace expects to continue to develop mechanisms to enhance the User experience on the Internet. In the interest of enhancing competition in the market, Tradeplace also intend to facilitate access to and circulation of non confidential information related to white goods and other small home appliances..

Tradeplace uses all reasonable endeavours:.
– to prevent that any of the information and services made available on Tradeplace’s website (the “Website”) be used for purposes contrary to applicable law;
– to ensure that the Website be used in compliance with this Privacy Policy and Competition Policy;
– to provide her Services according to the general principles of a competitive market..
Privacy Policy

Types and reasons for data collection. Tradeplace is a joint-venture company incorporated by several manufacturers of appliances (“Manufacturers”) aimed at creating a common access, with single sign-on, to their internet portals. Tradeplace requires Users to provide user information during the registration process. This information is gathered for the following main purposes:
– To establish identity of the User. Business contact information such as name, address and e-mail address shall be collected at User level during the registration process.
– To effect posting of opportunities or related communications. These communications may concern the update and development of the Tradeplace website.
– To provide future service and goods. This information comprises both contact information and information related to products and services offered by Tradeplace and the Manufacturers. This information is also used to provide Users with product and service updates, changes in our usage policies and similar notices.
– To better tailor marketing to User needs. Information on site use helps us to create website content and navigation that is most relevant and user friendly to Users and enhances the overall User experience.
In addition, as part of our efforts to provide Users with the ability to establish a connection with the portals of the Manufacturers, Tradeplace reserves the right to pass on information it holds relating to a User to the Manufacturer, and only to such Manufacturer whose Internet portal the User has accessed via the Website, for security, connectivity and marketing purposes.

Access to information collected 
Users that register on the Tradeplace website can access and modify their personal registration information at any time. This does not apply however to the information related to the company, which can only be modified by the company’s authorized user. The right of access includes, but is not limited to, the ability to update users profile.

User Preferences 
Participation on the Tradeplace website is voluntary. Participation requires users to provide the information specified in the registration screens for reasons specified and as provided in the user registration agreement. This information is essential to properly complete registration process. As greater functionality is added to the site, we will continue to strive to develop mechanisms that address users preferences related to information collection and use.

Collection of Information using cookies 
Tradeplace uses cookies to collect information on the use of the website by its visitors and to simplify return visits by users. A cookie is a small piece of information sent by a web server to be stored on a web browser so it can later be read back from that browser. The information collected from cookies is used to improve the functionality of the website. The information on the website is organized and presented based on our analysis of the aggregate usage of the site. Cookies are also useful in allowing for a more streamlined log-in for users, tracking of shopping cart additions and in preserving order information between sessions. As we enable further customization on the user experience, cookies will play an integral part in assuring that information provided to users will reflect their preferences and be most relevant to their needs. Users may disable the cookie feature on their browser. However, such disablement will mean that user can not use the portal. A user that is not logged in may read the content of the website but will be asked to accept cookies each time. A user cannot log in to the website without accepting cookies. To learn more about cookies and browser functionality relating to cookies please search for “cookies” in the help function of your browser.

Data Security 
Tradeplace is concerned with the security of the personal data that are collected and has put in place measures to prevent unauthorized access to that information.
We have taken precautions to protect the website data and information under our control from misuse, loss, or alteration. Our security measures include industry standard technology and equipment to help protect your registration information. Unfortunately, no system can ensure complete security and you should take steps to protect your information and transmissions. You must decide the security measures that are appropriate for you; however, common examples are keeping your login identification and password secure and making sure you completely log out when you have finished using the registered user section of the website.

Updates to the Privacy Policy
Tradeplace is sensitive to Users’ privacy issues and recognizes the need to update this policy as new features and business services are offered. All registered Users will be notified of any changes to the Privacy Policy prior to the change date.

Manufacturer’s Privacy Responsibilities
Tradeplace is not responsible for the actions of the Manufacturers and does not guarantee the privacy of data provided by or on behalf of a User to a Manufacturer.

Tradeplace Privacy Policy Contact
If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact us at

Competition Policy

Tradeplace will comply, and will use all reasonable endeavours to procure that all associated Manufacturers shall comply, with all applicable European Union competition laws as well as the competition laws of each individual European Union Member State.

Use of Tradeplace’s Services

It is the intention of Tradeplace that the Services offered by Tradeplace shall not be used by participating Manufacturers and Users for anti-competitive purposes. In particular, in operating the Website and in providing the Services, Tradeplace will not and, in using the Website and the Services, participating Manufacturers and Users shall not:

  • use Tradeplace’s Services to enter into any anti-competitive practices;
  • exchange competitively sensitive information (such as information on price, conditions of sales, investment plans, terms of market shares business, purchase practices);
  • agree on allocation of customers, suppliers, markets (product and geographic);
  • enter into any discussion or agreement that would allow competitors to agree that they will not do business with any other party;
  • enter into any discussion or agreement that would result in the sale and purchase of any products or services being subject to the acceptance of additional and unrelated products and services.

Manufacturer’s commitments
Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, each participating Manufacturer agrees not to use the Website or the Service to:

  • collude on any matters related to pricing or collude to fix terms and conditions on which the Manufacturer does business;
  • agree to restrict or allocate markets and/or sources of supply (by location or customer);
  • discuss or agree on a particular company’s types of product or levels of production schedules; or discuss or agree production, distribution or marketing of any products;
  • agree to the blacklisting or boycotting of any customer, competitor or supplier;
  • agree to limit or control a particular company’s investment or technical development;
  • allow access to or seek access to confidential or other unpublished business information outside the normal customer-supplier relationship which is related to a particular company that participates in Tradeplace, including (but not limited to): the content of any agreement with customers and buyers;
    transaction data (including the counterparts, the number and conditions of transactions executed); specific dictionaries; specific catalogues; authorisations held and granted; inventory levels; and production schedules.

Tradeplace Commitment
Tradeplace has adopted procedures and technical solutions to procure that neither its shareholders nor their representatives will have access to actual transaction data or other commercially sensitive information regarding any of the participating Manufacturers and Users, with the exception of information concerning the relationship between a specific User and a specific Manufacturer that Tradeplace may voluntarily supply to such specific Manufacturer in compliance with this Competition Policy and the above Privacy Policy.

Controls and Sanctions
Tradeplace reserves the right to verify, through the use of appropriate measures, that participating Manufacturers and Users comply with this competition policy.

Failure to comply with these principles shall result in a possible suspension of the non-compliant participating Manufacturer or User’s rights to use Tradeplace’s Services. Suspension shall not release such participating Manufacturer or User from its obligations towards Tradeplace.

In the event of repeated violations of this policy, Tradeplace shall have the right to exclude the non-compliant Manufacturer or User on a permanent basis, without prejudice to any other remedy provided for by the law and the applicable Manufacturer and/or User agreement.

Tradeplace may report to the competent authorities any fact or action that constitutes a violation of this policy and of the applicable competition regulations.