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Tradeplace moves into new headquarters at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

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Tradeplace, the B2B ‘connected commerce’ one-stop-shop for manufacturers and retailers, has moved into its new global headquarters at the Spaces office building ‘The Outlook’ at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

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At the ‘The Outlook’ office building, Tradeplace will be joining the international hub for accelerating innovation in Artificial Intelligence and data-based cloud services and solutions. With companies like Microsoft, o9 Solutions, and Cloudera, Tradeplace is becoming part of a community of innovators that are driving digital transformation and shaping the world of tomorrow.


Karel van der Horst (General Manager), Chiel Schinning (Business Development), Iwan de Dooij (Business Development), Koen van der Post (Operations Manager), Donna Celeste (Operations Assistant), and Mina Khosravani (Customer Success Management) in the new global headquarters

With staff spread over Europe (Austria, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom) and customers in over 25 countries globally, Tradeplace was looking for an international workspace concept to support its organization. Spaces turned out to be the right partner, offering a solution for Tradeplace’s unique requirements.

"Our partnership with Spaces provides the flexible solution we needed for professional modern workplaces – not only at Schiphol, but in any country or city where there are Spaces or IWG locations" says Karel van der Horst, General Manager, Tradeplace B.V.


Tradeplace B.V. Headquarter
Evert van de Beekstraat 354
1118 CZ Schiphol
The Netherlands