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Specialised dataformat launched at the 2019 IFA in Berlin

Сентябрь 3, 2019 11:02 дп Опубликовано Justus Pieke
ERP systems that operate in the built-in kitchen appliance sector have implemented an IDM interface to import product data. Now that IDM is part of PIMS, Tradeplace can offer more accurate product information to trading partners and kitchen planning software vendors active in this sector View Article

Miele Netherlands Product Information now available on Tradeplace

Июль 25, 2019 11:32 дп Опубликовано Justus Pieke
Tradeplace’s PIMS allows manufacturers to share accurate and up-to-date product information with retailers, and is free of charge for retailers. All product information originates with the manufacturer which is considered industry-wide to be the most reliable. View Article