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Tradeplace has over 15 years of experience in helping both suppliers and retailers by providing them a simple and fast way to exchange information.


Tradeplace is the best way to communicate with all your retailers: manage your orders, follow your sales, share product information, and much more.


Tradeplace means enhancing your supply chain, boosting your sales, and developing your business.

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LG chooses Tradeplace for European product information management

6 listopada, 2020 9:09 am Objavio: Justus Pieke
PIMS is specifically tailored for both OEMS and retailers as it is fully adaptable to both sides of the white goods and brown goods supply chain. Retailers can receive product information in their preferred format without any additional effort from the connected manufacturers. Retailers receive the product information error-free and at their convenience. View Article

Agora CEO Emmanuel Benoit talks about teaming up AgoraPlus with Tradeplace

9 rujna, 2020 10:03 am Objavio: Justus Pieke
“I like to refer to our companies as cousins. It was a given that we work together in the after-sales market.” Agora’s platform AgoraPlus manages the after-sales service of 6,000 qualified repair companies across Europe. In 2019, Tradeplace and AgoraPlus partnered to conglomerate their European after-sales market in order to improve service for both companies’... Pogledajte objavu View Article