SUPPLIER - Product Information Management

Share product information the easy way

Tradeplace’s PIMS – Product Information Management System – is an online platform that allows manufacturers to share their product information with retailers.

How does it work? Manufacturers upload their complete product information to Tradeplace, and retailers can download exactly what they need, in the format they want, 24/7. It’s as simple as that.

  • Product information is error free as it comes directly from the manufacturers – no third parties are involved.
  • All information is available in a multitude of flexible formats to fit each retailers’ specific needs – with no extra work on the manufacturers’ side.
  • Because retailers shouldn’t have to pay to get product information from their suppliers, PIMS is free of charge for retailers.

Each manufacturer and retailer has its own protected workspace – so you can be sure your information never falls into the hands of your competitors. The same rigorous security applies to messages and communications between you and your trade partners, too.