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Celebrating 20 Years of Dedication: Koen van der Post's Work Anniversary

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Join us in commemorating a remarkable milestone as we celebrate Koen van der Post's 20th work anniversary at Tradeplace B.V. Throughout two decades of dedicated service, Koen has been the backbone of our operations, ensuring seamless efficiency and driving our success.

Operations Excellence

Koen's unwavering focus on operational excellence has been pivotal in shaping Tradeplace's growth and reputation as a leading e-commerce solutions provider. His meticulous attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and relentless drive have consistently elevated our operational performance, enabling us to deliver exceptional results to our customers.

While Koen's strengths lie in operations, his dedication to the organization and his unwavering work ethic have made him an invaluable asset. His commitment to Tradeplace's mission and his ability to adapt to evolving challenges have been instrumental in driving our success.


Tradeplace CEO Karel van der Horst handed over this Anniversary Plaquette to Koen van der Post, symbolizing this significant milestone. This plaquette will serve as a lasting reminder of Koen's outstanding contributions and the impact he has made on Tradeplace's journey.

Celebrate Koen´s 20-year journey

As we honor Koen's 20-year journey with Tradeplace, we extend our deepest appreciation for his unwavering dedication. His operational expertise has laid the foundation for our achievements, and we look forward to the continued impact he will have on our organization in the years to come.

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