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Specialised dataformat launched at the 2019 IFA in Berlin

ERP systems that operate in the built-in kitchen appliance sector have implemented an IDM interface to import product data. Now that IDM is part of PIMS, Tradeplace can offer more accurate product information to trading partners and kitchen planning software vendors active in this sector

Tradeplace and MediaMarkt optimise product information

Tradeplace and Media-Saturn Holding (MSH), owners of the MediaMarkt retail chain, embarked on creating a platform to provide structured and up-to-date product information that can be used in all MediaMarkts across Europe.

The changing face of High Street – seen and unseen

No one can deny the revolutionary changes the consumer goods marketplace has undergone in recent years. How many times have you thought, “We bought that appliance there, but that shop has gone out of business and disappeared.”

“We would definitely recommend 2Trade, because of its simplicity!”

Philips Myshop is the official employee store of Philips, with the main, bricks-and-mortar branch located in the Philips PSV Stadium in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Philips Myshop also offers a 24/7 online shop and features pop-up stores at Philips plants in the Benelux, almost every month of the year.