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V-ZUG available via the Tradeplace portal

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Access to 2.374 resellers with Tradeplace's Sales Portal Service in Switzerland

Premium Swiss quality brand V-ZUG has joined Tradeplace’s Sales Portal service in Switzerland. By joining the Online Portal Service, V-ZUG has access to all connected retailers using the service. This gives V-ZUG the option to connect to a significant part of their customer base. The Sales Portal Service is an easy way to automate the order process and share marketing, price and stock information even with the smallest retail partners !


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Retailers have all their suppliers in one portal

This service is free of charge for retailers. Once they have registered on Tradeplace.com, the only thing they need to do is request activation by the manufacturers or brands they sell. Retailers will find all their key suppliers in one portal, making it easy to place orders, check prices and availability of products, and access marketing materials over multiple suppliers.



For more than 100 years, we at V-ZUG have made it our mission to make everyday life easier through our high-quality, innovative household appliances. Whether they are cooking, washing dishes or doing laundry, people who expect their appliances to deliver more than just the basics need look no further than V-ZUG. As the Swiss market leader, we live by Swiss values – and make it possible for people all over the world to experience these with simple, individual solutions that provide lifelong inspiration and delight. This is what we mean by “Swiss perfection for your home”.

Perfection that you can feel | The Excellence Line by V-ZUG (2022)


Performance, perfectly balanced | The Excellence Line by V-ZUG (2022)


V-ZUG and Tradeplace partnership

The launch of V-ZUG in the Tradeplace portal provided extra impetus to the partnership, with over 600 retail users requesting access to V-ZUG’s Business Portal in the first ten days that V-ZUG became available.

‘We are happy to have V-ZUG joining the Tradeplace portal service in Switzerland. Now almost all major players of the Swiss appliances market are available to our retail community! Tradeplace is looking forward to expanding the partnership with V-ZUG to other popular services of Tradeplace, like the Direct Connection solution and our PIMS solution, but also extending the services to other countries,’
says Karel van der Horst, General Manager of Tradeplace B.V