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SMEG rolls out Tradeplace's Direct Connection across Europe

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Leading Italian appliance manufacturer SMEG, renowned for its distinctive appliance designs, is now expanding its use of Tradeplace's Direct Connection platform across Europe.

European roll-out

SMEG has embarked on a project to roll out the Direct Connection service to several of its European subsidiaries. This strategic move marks a significant step forward for SMEG, enabling its subsidiaries to improve their order management and streamline the complex order processes commonly found in the kitchen appliance and electrical retail markets. As a leading provider of digital order management solutions, Tradeplace brings unparalleled expertise to the table



Direct Connection with SMEG

For retailers using Tradeplace's Direct Connection service, setting up with SMEG is simple, straightforward and completed in just a few clicks.




About Direct Connection

With all the major trading partners already connected to Tradeplace's Direct Connection messaging hub, it was an obvious choice for SMEG. The Direct Connection service provides a complete set of messages to support any type of order process in real time.

It also allows retailers to run their operations smoothly within their existing systems, enabling home delivery and long-tailing processes. These benefits are particularly valuable in markets where order processing is complex.

About SMEG

SMEG stands out in the market for high quality kitchen appliances with its innovative approach and eye-catching design. Since 1948, SMEG has been designing household appliances for every day use. Its headquarters are located in Guastalla, Emilia Romagna, Italy.