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CDA launches new B2B portal on Tradeplace.com

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CDA is delighted to present the new B2B e-commerce portal, which is strategically designed to boost retailers’ ordering efficiency and access to product information.

CDA B2B Portal

Available 24/7, this intuitive, accessible platform enables resellers to place orders directly, manage inventory through real-time stock levels and pricing information, and view product descriptions with images. Coming soon, we will offer specification sheets for detailed product insights. Embrace a smoother, faster, more accurate ordering process that allows resellers to focus on expanding their business and enhancing customer satisfaction. Register now to unlock the potential of our portal and revolutionise business operations.

CDA and Tradeplace partnership

The launch of the CDA portal on the Tradeplace Single Sign On platform is an important step in further digitising the appliance order process. The Tradeplace Single Sign-On service provides CDA with access to over 3,000 resellers users in the UK.


About the CDA group

Established in 1991 in Nottinghamshire, England, CDA has built a reputation for affordable, stylish, ingenious, award-winning products that consistently deliver great results. CDA’s team of appliance experts take inspiration from around the world and across the latest trends to create a range of exclusive products backed by an incredible local workforce and influenced by how British homes embrace the essence of family tradition.

In December 2015, CDA proudly became a part of the Amica Group, a renowned kitchen appliance manufacturer based in Poland. With a rich history spanning over 70 years and operating across 50 countries, Amica shares our vision of excellence and commitment to environmentally friendly practices. This partnership enriches our capability to offer an expanded range of products and to achieve more, with enhanced resources and shared expertise. Together, we continue to strive to provide the best possible products for our customers and realise new goals with our partners at Amica.