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Tradeplace celebrates its 20th anniversary

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A new journey starts, Tradeplace turns into a scale-up

Tradeplace was founded in September 2001. That year 3 visionary CEO´s from Electrolux, Whirlpool and BSH established the Joint Venture Tradeplace B.V. in The Netherlands. One year later two more companies joined in: Philips and Merloni Elettrodomestici.

The founding CEO´s of Tradeplace:
Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet (CEO BSH 2001)
Wolfgang König (CEO Electrolux 2001)
Jeff Fettig (CEO Whirlpool 2001)
Andrea Guerra (CEO Merloni Elettrodomestici 2001)
Rudy Provoost (CEO Philips CE 2001)

Our services

The first service that Tradeplace offered was the portal, giving Trade-partners access to the B2B online shops of the manufacturers. A revolutionary single sign-on solution which was pushing the digital transformation already in 2001. More co-creation efforts followed, resulting in innovative solutions being offered to the market over the last 2 decades. The take-up of the Tradeplace services is still growing year by year.

Our mutual success

Due to the continuous addition of affordable, easy to use and innovative digital services many manufacturers and retailers were attracted by Tradeplace, resulting in an impressive portfolio of brands.

The success of Tradeplace is being built together with you; retailers and manufacturers using our solutions. The services Tradeplace delivers keep contributing to the digital transition of our partners. Building innovative and easy to use ‘connected commerce solutions’ is our passion and what we love to do. The Tradeplace team would like to thank all our customers for including us in their business stories over the past 20 years.

Be a part of our future as well

We are looking forward to continue our partnerships and keep on innovating connected commerce in the future!

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