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New 2OEM solution connects 25.000 purchasers with suppliers

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Tradeplace’s online portal service

The Tradeplace online portal service has been highly successful since the launch back in 2001. It was the very first service that the Tradeplace organization put ‘live’. Currently, as many as 25,000 purchasers from primarily small and midsized retailers across Europe are present on Tradeplace and use the online portal to place orders at their suppliers.

Introducing the more complete 2OEM service

The online portal service is based on a single sign-on connection, which offers retail users the freedom to navigate to all their suppliers from one portal. Up till now, it was only possible for suppliers to connect to the online portal service if the supplier already had a B2B portal in place. Now with the 2OEM service, Tradeplace can offer a portal that seamlessly is integrated with all other Tradeplace services.

Connecting all Tradeplace services

2OEM has seamless integration with the Tradeplace online portal service and connects directly to Tradeplace’s order management system Direct Connection and product information system PIMS. Retailers across Europe can connect to manufacturers and suppliers simply by accessing the 2OEM platform via Tradeplace and then clicking on the manufacturer or supplier’s link.

All suppliers available in one place

No extra IT resources are required to connect to 2OEM, which makes it particularly interesting for both SMEs in retail as well as in the kitchen and sanitary ware installations. All that is required is an internet connection and a free-of-charge Tradeplace account. 2OEM not only makes it easier for SMEs to expand their assortment, but 2OEM also simplifies how manufacturers and suppliers connect with their trade partners. A supplier’s entire product range is now available to tens of thousands of SMEs with just one click.