Product Information Management Services (PIMS) is the Online Tradeplace capability to provide data related to product specification. PIMS capability allows product information to be exported in different standards, formats, templates and requested transport method.
Via www.tradeplace.com you are now able to download Product Information electronically with the following capabilities:

1. Select required brand within each manufacturer
2. Select required product category or all categories
3. Advise preferred transport method
4. Save download profile for future requests
5. Schedule the download request
6. Download the request in excel format.

This service is Free of charge!

Please follow the registration steps. As soon you are registered you will be able to download Product Information electronically within a matter of days!
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Click here to submit your query to our Helpdesk ( helpdesk@tradeplace.com) or via chat.


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