SUPPLIER - Sodastream’s product information now available through Tradeplace

Tradeplace’s PIMS offers Sodastream the best product information for retailers

Sodastream has joined the Tradeplace Product Information Management system (PIMS) in order to provide retailers with the most accurate and reliable product information. Sodastream, which was completely acquired by Pepsico in 2018, produces a device that allows consumers to produce their own sparkling water at home. In addition to sparkling water, Sodastream offers consumers a wide range of flavours that can be added to the sparkling water. This allows consumers to produce their own carbonated drinks at home.

Small domestic appliances and consumables market

After purchasing one of the many Sodastream devices to produce their own sparkling water or carbonated drinks at home, consumers will also be able to find all of Sodastream’s consumable product information at retailers that are on the Tradeplace platform. These consumable products range from carbon dioxide cylinders to an assortment of flavour cartridges. Other Sodastream products available on PIMS include reusable bottles and accessories. By providing consumers with product information about both its small domestic appliances and consumable products, Sodastream is able to boost its repetitive revenue stream.

Tradeplace free of charge to retailers

Retailers can connect to Tradeplace free of charge. Product information originates directly from the manufacturers and provides retailers with the most up-to-date and reliable product information available. Tradeplace’s PIMS lets retailers download product information in their preferred format whenever they need it and is error-free.