RETAILER - Shop manager

The best of both worlds

Customers come to your shop because they want personalised advice or recommendations and like dealing with a friendly face. But it’s not always easy for you to keep up with web shops – after all, your customers have done their research there, too. What if a product they’re interested in isn’t in stock? And what if they want a product delivered fast?

Tradeplace is the solution. It’s an innovative e-commerce system that gives you real-time information about suppliers’ products: stock availability, delivery dates, and even complete marketing information. Even if a certain product isn’t in stock, you can still give your customer an accurate delivery date. No more costly warehousing for niche products or slow movers. Plus: the system is free of charge to retailers!

  • You can be more competitive than your online competitors by offering wider product ranges and more accurate delivery times.
  • You can optimise your stock management by focusing on best-selling products.
  • As Tradeplace gives you a real-time overview of stocks and prices, you can make better informed decisions.

As a supplier on Tradeplace, you have your own protected workspace and portal area – so you can be sure your information never falls into the hands of your competitors. The same rigorous security applies to messages and communications between you and your retailers, too.