SUPPLIER - Sales manager

Drive higher revenues and better insights with Tradeplace

Sales executives like you are on the frontline – trying to close new deals, keeping your customers happy and generating revenue forecasts for your management. That can be a challenge to juggle – and that’s where Tradeplace comes in.

When you use Tradeplace, you’ll find that selling to your retailers is far more efficient – and you’ll get more exposure to new retail partners, too. Your customers have 24/7 access to your pricing, as well as to your latest product information. That means you can spend more time with your customers, and develop relationships and loyalty, and less time on administrative tasks. Tradeplace can even help you develop revenue by offering a wider selection of products to your retailers.

  • You can close deals faster using Tradeplace because all communication is in one place, and also send out catalogues or keep track of what you said to whom and when.
  • You’ll benefit from more accurate forecasts because you have a real-time, consolidated overview of which retailers have ordered your products, along with pricing and quantities.
  • Your customers will be happier because retailers prefer suppliers who are easy to work with and help them sell more. So you’ll sell more, too. And that’s what we all want, right?

Each supplier on Tradeplace has their own workspace and portal area – so you can be sure your information never falls into the hands of your competitors. The same rigorous security applies to messages and communications between you and your retailers, too.

Example of dashboards you can set up thanks to Tradeplace