Tradeplace and MediaMarkt optimise PIMS

Tradeplace and MediaMarkt undertake unique cooperation for optimising product information

Two major players in consumer appliances have merged their systems in order to provide their retailers standardised and up-to-date product information. Recently, Tradeplace and Media-Saturn  Holding (MSH), owners of the MediaMarkt retail chain, embarked on creating a platform to provide structured and up-to-date product information that can be used in all MediaMarkts across Europe.

The platform, called MSX, is a technical interface that MediaMarkt has set up to help manufacturers provide state-of-the-art and up-to-date product information in a structured format that can be used both online and offline. MSX can be used by all suppliers who already provide product information in Tradeplace’s Product Information Management System, or PIMS. Now all information exported in PIMS can be exported in MSX format for all of the retailer’s locations across Europe.

Christian Brandl, Area Manager Content Management for MediaMarktSaturn, said, “Tradeplace, a Preferred Content Integration Partner for MediaMarktSaturn Germany, is an important service provider in the area of product data management. Via the PIMS platform, Tradeplace supports the automated provision of process and sales related product data and media in MediaMarktSaturn’s interface format. Data models are mapped by Tradeplace, enabling rapid, efficient integration for our suppliers. Due to the high quality and availability of data, we have managed to significantly reduce both time to market and the data acquisition effort for the SKUs provided via Tradeplace.”

PIMS is unique because it gathers product information directly from manufacturers which is more reliable and more complete than other product information sources. PIMS offers standardised product information and is free to use for all retailers. The way it works is simple: manufacturers deliver product information to PIMS which is then exported in PIM catalogues.

Now, for MediaMarkt, all product information in PIMS can be exported in their MSX interface. This ensures standardised product information across all of MediaMarkt’s locations. The largest European electronics retailer can now provide consumers with the most up-to-date, the most reliable and the most complete product information so that consumers have a wealth of product information when they are selecting a product for purchase.