GDSN Data Pool

Retailers and suppliers connected to GS1 network thanks to Tradeplace/Contentis cooperation


Back to the barcode

Every consumer is familiar with a product barcode; it’s what is scanned when you check out at the local shop and the ubiquitous beep of the GS1 barcode is heard at shop checkouts 5 billion times a day. Every e-tailer knows what it is, too; it’s what is scanned before a product is processed for delivery after it has been bought online. When it comes to purchasing household appliances, though, there’s a lot more than what meets the eye.

Unique cooperation

Most consumers research the product information to find out what the best appliance is for them before their purchase. The most up-to-date product information originates from manufacturers. What is crucial is getting this up-to-date information to the retailers so that consumers and businesses can make the most informed choice when selecting a household product. A unique cooperation between suppliers and retailers is making just that happen so that both trade partners can benefit from increased sales.

Tradeplace’s PIMS makes the connection. How exactly does it work?  Michael Lindstedt, Group Leader at BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, explains, “Product information in the GS1 network’s data pools is connected through Tradeplace’s PIMS and the provider Contentis. From there, retailers are then supplied with the most accurate and up-to-date product information, completely standardised and in the target language for their markets.”

GS1 network manages barcode requests and data pools

Tradeplace and provider Contentis have teamed up together to set up a GS1 network. The GS1 network is a crucial one for the household appliance market since it manages requests, allocates and registers barcode numbers to products. It also manages data pools of product information and requires from each supplier that product information is provided in a standardised way, so that it can easily be exchanged with retailers.

Benefits to trade partners

The primary benefits for retailers are that the data pools are managed from Tradeplace’s Product Information Management System (PIMS) in one centralized database based on the retailers’ delivery tool requirements. Special terms and conditions are also offered to participating trade partners from Contentis through Tradeplace.

Dutch and German markets

Most recently, Tradeplace and Contentis have set up an environment for the Dutch and German markets on the GS1 network. All product information is standardised and available in the markets’ target languages. Two major Dutch retailers in the household appliance market – Ahold, the largest Dutch supermarket chain, and Sligro, a major hospitality sector wholesaler – have signed onto the network through Tradeplace. In Germany, major retailers Edeka and Rewe have also signed on.