Exclusive coffeemaker manufacturer Moccamaster now part of PIMS

Tradeplace’s PIMS caters to manufacturers and retailers of all sizes and markets

Premier coffeemaker manufacturer Moccamaster is the latest supplier to join Tradeplace’s Product Information Management system (PIMS). A specialist in its market, Dutch-based Moccamaster produces hand-crafted, hand-assembled, and hand-tested coffeemakers and grinders. Moccamaster works with retailers across the European market and around the world. Tradeplace’s PIMS offered Moccamaster the ability to provide the most accurate and up-to-date product information to retailers connected to Tradeplace in the European market.

Unique benefits for smaller manufacturers and retailers

Coffee connoisseurs who are looking for the products Moccamaster has to offer will have any easier time of finding Moccamaster’s product information since both major and customised retailers actively use the platform. Every retailer, no matter how large or small, can be connected to PIMS free of charge. Since PIMS delivers product information directly from manufacturers, retailers are assured of the most recent product information for their consumers. Smaller manufacturers like Moccamaster benefit from being connected to PIMS because of the wide range of retailers that are also connected to the platform.

Instantaneous market expansion

By being connected to Tradeplace’s PIMS, market reach is instantly expanded in both online and offline retail markets and consumers can now consider Moccamaster in their purchase choices. All product information is available in numerous formats to meet the specific needs of retailers, and manufacturers are not required to perform any extra work from their side. Manufacturers simply upload their information and retailers can download the product information whenever they need it, error-free. PIMS offers a unique way for smaller manufacturers to position themselves in the market.