Bertazzoni is joining Tradeplace’s Direct Connection

Bertazzoni joins Tradeplace’s e-ordering solution

Italian cooking appliance manufacturer Bertazzoni is the next player in the kitchen market to join Tradeplace. A new name in the impressive list of manufacturers and retailers using the Direct Connection. By joining Tradeplace, Bertazzoni has access to all retailers in Europe that are already active on the Tradeplace platform.

Bertazzoni expanding in Europe

The Direct Connection was the obvious choice for Bertazzoni. When choosing the e-ordering platform “Direct Connection”, the good relationship between Tradeplace and the key retailers in Europe was of decisive importance. The synergy between Bertazzoni and Tradeplace enabled the two companies to immediately roll out the e-commerce service to the many kitchen installers and retailers in the UK.

Direct Connection simplifies complex order processes

Tradeplace’s Direct Connection is an innovative service that directly connects suppliers and retailers. Direct Connection works on the one-to-many principle: once connected to Tradeplace, you can connect to all connected trading partners with no additional development work. This creates a connection hub via Tradeplace to all other companies on the Direct Connection platform. The e-ordering platform is used by manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to manage orders, view prices, and check product availability.

The highest standard in data security

All these communication advantages require that Tradeplace provides the highest level of data security to all these major players. Tradeplace’s strict security standards ensure that the messages and communication between you and your trade partners are fully encrypted and not visible to your competitors.