AO now strategically connects to Tradeplace’s PIMS

Retailer selects Tradeplace once again in the UK and Germany

After years of successfully using Tradeplace’s e-ordering system Direct Connection, online electricals retailer, AO, has now also opted to implement Tradeplace’s Product Information Management System, or PIMS. Suppliers can now use Tradeplace’s PIMS to send all their product information to AO.

Manufacturers are the best source of product information

Product information directly from manufacturers is considered by the industry to be the most accurate and reliable. The best production information means consumers can make well-informed purchasing decisions which mutually benefit both retailers and suppliers as well as boosting sales.

AO’s decision to use Tradeplace’s PIMS for product information is an important addition to the leading online electrical retailer’s sales funnel for improving customer experience.

AO joins other European retailers using PIMS

A number of other major European retailers are already using PIMS for product information. Increasingly more retailers are choosing Tradeplace since product information comes directly from manufacturers and all product data is standardised. PIMS is free of charge for retailers.

Benefits for manufacturers

Manufacturers simply upload their complete product information which is then downloadable in the retailer’s preferred format. All information is available in a multitude of flexible formats and requires no extra effort from manufacturers.

AO already using Tradeplace for e-ordering

With all other affiliated trade partners connected to Tradeplace’s Direct Connection hub, it was a natural choice for AO to also select Tradeplace’s PIMS. Just like PIMS, Direct Connection offers maximum insight and flexibility throughout the logistical information chain within the strictest security parameters and is fully encrypted. It also allows retailers to continue working within their own systems. These benefits are important for markets where complex order processing is involved.