BORA takes strategic leap with Tradeplace’s order management

Exclusive supplier in the kitchenware market

BORA, an exclusive designer and manufacturer of cooktop extractor systems, has joined Tradeplace’s order management system Direct Connection. This major step for BORA allows the supplier to take its order management to the next level and simplify its complex order processes, which are common in the kitchen installation market. Tradeplace is the market leader in product information for kitchen installations.

Design kitchen installations

BORA occupies a unique position in the niche market for exclusive and high-quality kitchenware. BORA’s design eliminates the need for an overhead extractor by using a cross flow which is greater than the rising speed of cooking vapours. This design allows vapours and odours to be suctioned away precisely where they arise – directly at the BORA cooktop, and straight from any pots, roasters, pans or grills that are being used while cooking.

Automated processing benefits BORA’s position in marketplace

The high-end design kitchen market involves complicated orders because of its customised installations. Close coordination and management of a variety of manufacturers and suppliers are required for timely delivery of installations. A fully automated e-ordering process was an important step for BORA: changes to orders that were previously made manually will now be automated for BORA via Tradeplace’s Direct Connection. In many cases, it also speeds up delivery time for the end consumer.

Direct Connection natural choice for Bora to simplify complex order processing

With all other affiliated trade partners connected to Tradeplace’s Direct Connection hub, it was a natural choice for BORA especially in the demanding marketplace in which BORA operates. Direct Connection offers maximum insight and flexibility throughout the logistical information chain within the strictest security parameters and is fully encrypted. It also allows retailers to continue working within their own systems. These benefits are important for markets where complex order processing is involved.