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Reach your targets and keep your customers happy

There are so many brands competing for consumer attention, it is crucial for you to make sure your consumers get all the right information about your products. To do that, you must work hand-in-hand with your retailers. This is where Tradeplace comes in. It gives you access to all your customers on a single platform.

With Tradeplace, you can view the accounts you’re responsible for – and the system saves you time because it replies to information requests automatically. You can help partners complete the sale quicker and credit the revenue to your quota. Just upload your catalogues to Tradeplace and your customers can download them from there. This gives you more time to do what you do best – manage your customer accounts and help them sell more.

  • Tradeplace saves you time by handling some of your operational tasks for you and giving you more opportunity to grow your accounts.
  • You make sure you comply with local laws and standards by providing all retailers with all product information, including specifications, labels, etc.
  • You’ll benefit from more accurate forecasts because you have a real-time, consolidated overview of which retailers have ordered your products, along with pricing and quantities.

Each supplier workspace is securely protected, ensuring that communications between you and your retail accounts are kept confidential.

Example of dashboards you can set up thanks to Tradeplace