RETAILER - Reducing Costs

Minimise risks and optimise financial planning

A key part of driving your business is keeping a watchful eye on cashflow and business risks – without impacting sales. There’s a solution that can help you do exactly that: Tradeplace. A modern e-commerce platform, it allows you to manage your stocks in real-time and fully-automated. And for you as a retailer, it’s free of charge!

Tradeplace makes your business more efficient by reducing manual work and cutting IT costs, which in turn enhances your EBIT.

  • Tradeplace helps you reduce operating costs by automating your procurement processes, right through to your sales in-store or online.
  • You reduce IT costs as Tradeplace can either be connected directly to your ERP and other back-end systems with a free one-to-many connection – or you can simply use our single sign-on online portal.
  • You minimise risk on your long tail products by avoiding the need to store significant quantities of these products.

Your workspace on Tradeplace is securely protected – and the same rigorous security applies to messages and communications between you and your suppliers, too.