RETAILER - E-Commerce

Become the reference for online shoppers

As a modern commercial company, you want to make your shop is a reference for online shoppers: visible, competitive, and most importantly, trustworthy. Tradeplace can help you achieve just that.

Tradeplace is an e-commerce platform that connects you to your suppliers, injecting all relevant information directly into your online shop. Your customers have instant access to up-to-date product information, delivery times, pictures, videos, and much more. All that with just one connection to all suppliers – and the best part is, for you as a retailer, it’s free of charge!

  • You improve customer satisfaction by providing error-free, up-to-date product information and delivery times – even for products you don’t have in stock.
  • You can be more competitive by offering wider product ranges without additional operational costs.
  • You can react faster thanks to a real-time overview of stock levels at your suppliers and 24/7 access to up-to-date prices, all in one place.

Your workspace on Tradeplace is securely protected – and the same rigorous security applies to messages and communications between you and your suppliers, too.