Direct connection

Connect instantly to hundreds of trade partners

Tradeplace’s Direct Connection is an innovative service that connects suppliers and retailers.

How does it work? Tradeplace’s connection hub establishes a single connection with a trade partner – manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, or retailer. The connection can be used to manage orders, share and check prices, share and check product availability, share product information and much more; with all the trade partners you want right there on the platform.

  • Tradeplace works on a one-to-many principle: once connected to the hub, you can connect to all trade partners at no extra cost.
  • All information is exchanged in real-time, which improves both visibility and flexibility.
  • Tradeplace lets you keep working in your own system.

Our rigorous security standards ensure messages and communications between you and your trade partners are fully encrypted and cannot fall into the hands of your competitors.