SUPPLIER - Kitchenware supplier Caressi hooks up to Tradeplace’s Direct Connection

Two specialists team up

Netherlands-based Caressi has joined Tradeplace’s Direct Connection as part of their order management improvement process. Caressi is a supplier of high-quality, customised kitchen sinks, taps, and other kitchenware accessories to kitchen dealers. The company’s diverse and customised product line required a flexible system that could connect to an equally diverse and customised group of trade partners along the entire supply chain. Tradeplace is the market leader in product information for kitchen installations.

Critical to Caressi’s market

Caressi CFO Nick Bisselink explains, “Thanks to its cooperation with Tradeplace, Caressi has been able to completely automate all order processes and eliminate the need for any manual adjustments. Having this capability will mean a smoother delivery process for the supplier in its marketplace and improvement to customer experience overall. This is especially important in the kitchenware market where frequent adjustments to scheduling and delivery are often made which requires close coordination between all manufacturers and suppliers involved in the product delivery process.”

E-ordering through Direct Connection hub

Tradeplace is now the main provider for Caressi’s e-ordering process. Because Direct Connection provides a single connection to all relevant trade partners in the supply chain, from manufacturers to suppliers, wholesalers and retailers, it is the one-stop solution hub for managing orders, sharing and checking prices and product availability and information, and as well as offering more capabilities. Now that the ordering process is now completely automated for Caressi, delivery time is improved without the need for frequent manual changes to orders.

Attractive proposition for a myriad of companies

A key benefit of connecting to Direct Connection is that it allows companies to continue working within their existing systems . It is also fully-encrypted to protect company-specific information from falling into the hands of competitors that are also connected.